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The team at April Hamilton have long since tussled with filling skips and indeed landfills, so we have quietly been doing some Eco work in the background, from using organic cotton responsibly sourced, up cycling furniture by repainting, adorning with interesting tops and handles & sometimes re-upholstering when the piece really is just too good to go to pastures new… I noticed this piece from the guardian with some helpful steps if you’re thinking of upcycling some of your beloved furniture. 

But, if you feel it’s ready for pastures new and you would like to donate there’s plenty of places around Surrey and Sussex that give the pieces and second chance, like the Princess Alice Hospice. They will collect the pieces from you, your donations will benefit someone in need and also support others from the money they make from the donation, so it’s a triple win!

We have been searching for something different and came across Sedna carpet whilst out sourcing for one of our new projects. We were blown away when we saw it, sadly I had damaged my fairly new carpet recently and apart from the inconvenience, the guilt of replacing a large piece of carpet, was somewhat eased by finding these guys – the carpet is used with Econyl which produce regenerated nylon from things like abandoned sea nets at the bottom of the ocean, what a brilliant collaboration!

Should we ever have the pleasure of designing for you, rest assured, we most certainly have a environmental conscious and whilst we may not yet be Ecco warriors, we endeavour to find ways to be as kind and respectful to the planet as we do our clients…

Hope you enjoyed reading, if any of the information has been useful please share 


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