A Hampton Court Transformation

Among some of the most frequent questions we are asked are, ‘what does an interior designer do’ and ‘what’s the role of an interior designer’. The contribution of an interior designer, like us at April Hamilton, is to create luxury interiors that transform homes into highly personalised luxury lifestyle experiences. By working closely with clients and infusing their character and personality, tastes and lifestyle expectations into each design, each home becomes a true reflection of the people who live there. Each room embodies their individual persona and it becomes a place they feel truly connected to, at one with and importantly, at home in. To help you better understand what our luxury interior design team does, we will explain via this Hampton Court transformation.

At Hampton Court, we optimised space, created a sophisticated, relaxed ambience and introduced handmade touches to achieve a highly personalised result. This was achievable by first understanding what the client wants, careful interior planning and preparation and by knowing the right craftspeople to bring the imagination and concept of this project to life. The eye and expertise of interior designers is highly integral to the result, but access to specialist suppliers and managing this complex collaboration is vital to the success of every interior design project.

Luxury Kitchen Seating Area

For this Hampton Court transformation, bespoke sofas and cabinets were crafted to fit perfectly as well as serving a practical function by housing the TV. Colours, textures and proportions were perfectly executed across every element to promote a sense of openness, space and pure comfort.  Artwork added to the elegance along with finishing touches like Ikat cushions that are all carefully combined to produce an overall effect that harmonises perfectly.

Experienced interior designers also overcome architectural challenges, and the kitchen at Hampton Court is an example. Here, build work was incorporated into the plan that allowed us to introduce a large picture window to amplify the illusion of natural light. The kitchen was developed around this concept with intelligent and decorative lighting solutions combining to add depth, provide impressive visual features and serve a practical function.

Stylish Grey Living Room Design

With sumptuous soft furnishings, hand-finished curtains and crisp white linens embellishing an equally considered approach in the bedrooms, a good interior designer will literally leave no detail unaddressed. If luxury lifestyle is an expectation, read our blog on how to find the right interior designer for you or, better still, why not contact us?

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Rosie Ridgway, Founder and Creative Director

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