A Smile from Nature

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We’ve had a great start to the week, working a particularly lovely house that requires some major design input, which I will subsequently blog about in the coming weeks, but for a change, I thought I would blog about something other than design.

Another week of crazy weather. As I look out of the studio it is gloriously sunny, with crisp blue skies. A far cry from this mornings tidal wave down pour. As I head off to France, which looks to be a bit wet, but hey – it is what it is, as the saying goes, I thought I would blog some thought provoking stuff – well hopefully anyway

One great piece I did read whilst taking a walk in the park, was how incredibility goal-orientated our society is, which I guess is pretty much the case. When did we last do something just for the sake of it? My partner and I walk pretty much every morning, just for the sake of the walk, but even we have to pretend it’s the walk to work, otherwise what’s the point?

A great yoga teacher once said to me”Live life like there is no point & look to nature for your inspiration, grass doesn’t discuss the colour it should be, birds don’t stress about achieving perfect harmony and trees don’t try to blossom”. Sounded a bit nuts, but I sure did get the point.  I read and try to practise living from gratitude, looking at everything and everybody that has a positive impact on my life, whilst acknowledging the less than perfect bits of life too, not dwelling on them and guess what – yep it does seem to create a sense of purpose. A reason to “just be” rather than living life, waiting for the last piece in the jigsaw which will make our lives complete, because in my experience,  the jigsaw just keeps changing shape and the last piece never fits!

So what ever you are doing this weekend, perhaps  take a moment to become really mindful about what you are doing from your ‘To Do’ list and what would really make you happy, smile and laugh?  Kids & animals are great at this, watch them, your dog doesn’t bury it’s bone, in case Waitrose has a run on them and he’ll be stuck for a chew up next week & your child doesn’t talk to themselves and then worry everyone else will think they are suffering from premature dementia. Those guys live right in the centre of the moment, with no goal, nothing to achieve, no where to go & no one to please – perhaps we should take a cue from them?

Enjoy the rest of the week and get off the To Do list !

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