A spooky stylish interior

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A spooky stylish interior

With Halloween coming up next week, you may be attending a few spooky parties or two. If you are anything like myself, I am not hugely keen on the ‘horror’ side of things. Each year this festivity seems to be getting bigger and bigger, but it doesn’t always have to be tacky. I thought I would share some tasteful ideas of how you can decorate your interior, if you are celebrating Halloween this year.

Pumpkin carving is on trend this year, with many people pushing the boundaries on what you can achieve. Some are truly spectacular. If you aren’t hugely creative and need ideas, Pinterest has a wave of them on how to turn your pumpkin into something worth looking at. This year my team and I have had fun, looking at all sorts of ideas on how to decorate our interior design studio in Surrey, and yes, maybe we have gotten a bit sidetracked!

If you aren’t very good carving with a knife, here is a really good tip – use a hand drill instead, though do make sure it is an adult is using it! This allows you to design all sorts of patterns, and it is also very quick if your kids have a short attention span. Painting your pumpkins is also in this year, from strips to spraying. This means no knives are requires, which is fantastic for the little ones. Add a small bit of ribbon or fabric to smarten up your pumpkin.

You do not have to cover your interiors with miles of cob webs or ‘fake blood’ to create a Halloween atmosphere. These beautiful sprayed leaves I came across I thought were just beautiful and so easy to achieve.

Use what you have; lanterns lend themselves so well for creating that slightly spooky interior! All you need are an assortment of candles at different sizes, to create that warm beautiful ambience.

Do check out our Halloween board and see for yourself how stylishly spooky you can make your interior!


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