An Exclusive Invitation

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An Exclusive Invitation

Really?  Really? In that tone of complete and utter disbelief…

Do we have to go? Our 4 year old Henry asked incredulously -was it  really  necessary?!  Why don’t we acknowledge that “out of the mouths of babes” is actually worth listening to? Because in essence I didn’t really want to go either, being by the fire curled up with  a good book tucking into nice winter warming food most certainly seemed a more attractive alternative..

I recently met a Professor of Literature who explained the FOMO (fear of missing out) phenomena and how its developed in the Western world, mainly through social media- ridiculous and I mean Really!  But we just cant seem to help it, especially as our communities are fading fast,  we so want to feel included- understandably.  When I’m standing at yet another gathering/party/launch with a glass of something I don’t really want,  followed by 50  bite sized pieces of food that amount to the same calorific value as  10 Micky D’s  I do but wonder if it’s time for that magic word – No! Thanks but no!

I read a great article recently about doing less and just “being” something really resonated, I looked at my diary and realised I had something to do every single lunch and/or evening for the next 12 days and then back to business as usual, how mad is that? Some of it I wouldn’t miss for the world, spending my time with close friends, family, walking, yoga & cooking but there it stops – and then of course there really are those other occasions when poking myself in both eyes with a very sharp stick seems preferable – standing at a gathering hardly knowing a soul seems such a waste of energy, would anyone actually notice if I evaporated into the ether? So what to do?

Well I’m going for JOMO (Joy of missing out) so I will politely decline those occasions when it makes little difference to both the host & myself if I attend.  I’m not rushing off to see the next “must see” movie, because if I sit back it will magically appear on the TV given time & it will cost me nothing. I’ll read books at my own pace and not skim through another suggestion from the book club in record time, so I can crash into another one, barely remembering the storyline.  I most certainly will not go to Glastonbury in the summer, something I have considered every year for as long as I can remember. And whilst I’m very appreciative of social media otherwise how would you be reading this?  I’m also very aware that it’s actually lovely to catch up with a friend rather than have little to say because it’s been splashed all over social media before you’ve even hugged your pal hello, so if I go a little more quiet than usual, it’s because I’m staying in, reading my book at a snails pace, hanging out by the fire, taking a bath and more importantly , taking a breath – a deep long and sustainable one….

Merry Christmas my friend

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