Feed the soul

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Feed the soul

Last week was an especially busy week, so when items you don’t recognise start making their own way out of the fridge, you realise it’s time to hit the super market, clean up your act and use up the well meaning shopping you did a few days ago! Apparently we throw away 1/3 of the food we buy and a new awareness has now been brought into nurseries regarding painting pasta and beans, it never even occurred to me it’s food!

With one half of the globe starving and the other half struggling with obesity, I decided to bring a new mindfulness to the kitchen. I’ve never really understood why I buy random ingredients and expect  them to knit together resulting in gourmet food – why would they? It’s such a tick box exercise go shopping, fill fridge, cook NEXT…

So unless I have the  time and energy, I’m choosing the meals I want to eat before I make a shopping list and if I don’t have a list, then I’m not shopping, well apart from the essentials of course – wine, chocolate, cheese… joking – ish

In between running a busy design practise, looking after the  family & teaching yoga I then have to create interesting and fun food – or not! I loathe take away food, junk at my age is a complete no-no, so it’s back to the tried and tested, with 20 minute meals, which really are delicious, nutritious with a contemporary gourmet look & feel. They truly feed the soul. I’ve mentioned deliciously Ella before, but if you have completely run out of steam, (pardon the pun)  then I suggest you  buy something almost as good as homemade and  pick it up from


Absolutely gorgeous doesn’t do them justice! I picked up a couple of boxes of fish, chicken and some salad on Sunday evening after my usual trip to Brighton and boy was I glad. We had a fab meal when we got home, followed by the left overs mixed with some leaves for Monday lunch – simply perfect…

So enjoy your well earned weekend and if you’re in Brighton or London do check them out, yummy stuff !

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