Festive Cheer

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With Christmas less than four weeks away, like most of us, you are probably thinking about putting up the Christmas decorations. Whether you are a Grinch or an ecstatic Elf, Christmas is on its way. My team and I have spent some time flicking through the latest trends, and timeless classics, putting together simple ideas that will make your house feel festive, which you can find on our Christmas Pinterest Board. You don’t need to go over board to give your home the Christmas feel. Not everything has to be covered in tinsel and fairy lights. However, it is amazing how much a row of twinkly lights can change a room.

On the other hand, if fairy lights don’t do it for you, you don’t have to use fairy lights to add a bit of Christmas twinkle. Mercury glass can add class and elegance to your Christmas scheme. It looks beautiful against a plain green reef or hanging off your Christmas tree.

Try and stick to two or three colours with your decorations. If you go for three, use the last colour sparingly to just lift your scheme and add a kick of festive cheer!

Over the years I have grown in love with the Scandinavian Christmas styles that are sweeping across our stores. The perfect example of less equals more. Nothing quite hits the spot sitting by a warm, crackling fire having finished off the Christmas tree. With a glass of wine of course!

If you want more ideas, do have a look at our latest pinterest board.


There really are some wonderful christmas decorations out there! Not to mention the retails stores, which I will blog about next week!

Enjoy the weekend!

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