Game on for interior design in Surrey

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Game on for interior design in Surrey

Phew it’s nearly the end of the summer and it’s really about gearing up for that back to reality feeling? Or not?  Personally I’m grabbing a week in the sun but then at my age, I’m allowed, but for all those years, my life was dictated by term times and one of the biggest challenges was the summer holidays and what to do for almost 8 weeks?  I rarely took time off, from my busy interior design practise, so was faced with the dilemma of holiday clubs, PGL, summer camps and the odd day with Granny, but boy was there a sigh of relief when the September term came round.. gee how times have changed though, when little voices have been swapped for deep manly ones and tall beautiful young women dominate my world – i.e. the kids have grown up!

So how does that materialise into changing interior spaces, with playrooms long gone, the need for  re-modelling is essential, when we need  to quite literally entertain the kids, but not at the expense of using up our own space ,so the attic is the most obvious place,  of course within the new build sector over the last decade these have become a pre-requisite, but that certainly doesn’t stop remodelling for the rest of us!

In this  particular design – games and cinema room, we’re creating a modular seating area & feature coffee table,  for the plasma and Xbox we’re building the media wall, which can double as some great storage, especially with 3 teenage boys!  We’re using a fabulous antique styled screen to hide the gym equipment  and the coolest of pool tables in oak with black cloth.  Accessories always complete the scheme, so we’re boxing up the memorabilia into Perspex boxes using a  favourite local supplier & our luxury brands will take  chilling out & entertaining to a new relaxed level of comfort….

So boys if you do spill a beer, no worries the tough upholstery fabric can be wiped clean and mum never needs to know!

Next blog, will be stuffed with de-cluttering and storage ideas! And if the weather is rubbish, I’ll being de-cluttering myself, lets hope it sunny!

Enjoy the weekend –

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