How wonderful has the weather been in the UK the last couple of months?

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Aside from the recent downpour, it really does highlight how beautiful England is and I for one, wouldn’t live elsewhere for the most part, especially with Europe on our doorstep, no matter what the real outcome of Brexit… so it was especially lovely to be asked to work on the gorgeous island of Majorca with the mountains in the background, cool landscaped gardens surrounding the crystal clear waters of the pool, made it, my all time favourite to date

Where I am most comfortable and most creative is when the client truly understands the role of the designer, interpreting their schemes in an imaginative way within an appropriate budget that truly reflects the value of their chosen home and lifestyle

Having worked with these particular clients before in the UK, it was a real pleasure to be working again with them on their 2nd home.  My brief was to make it feel very new England beach home and rather like the film, “Somethings got to give” with Jack Nicolson & Diane Keeton, one of my favourites, so you can imagine how excited I was, even after 25 years of design!

So much of what we do at AH is bespoke, the dining room table was a real labour of love, having a polished chrome base from a local foundry,  our workshop then made the table top with an inset polished band and finally working with a decorative artist, we, washed over with a grey translucent paint .. a truly one off piece

The beautiful tactile Linen hand made curtains softened the room and offered some respite from the harsh midday sun, without detracting from the relaxed beach house style and the bespoke silk mix rug was made under our AH design, drawing the whole scheme together in a subtle & soulful way

The elements truly work both ascetically and ergonomically and have hopefully offered the clients want they really wanted-

A beach front home on the beautiful island of Majorca …

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