Keeping cool in the heat

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Keeping cool in the heat

As I walked along in 30 degrees of heat at 6.40pm yesterday I have to admit, as much as I adore the good weather I did struggle along a little, the air was so still and the sea like a mill pond, just in that moment I really wanted it to be cooler. The downside of the heat, really does make us less patient & sometimes downright irritable and who can blame us, struggling through London on a really hot day, is like standing in a microwave waiting for the timer to ping and that’s often exactly what we do…


So here are a few ideas you may like to try? A glass of chilled white wine, may seem like the answer, but alcohol heats the body, so plenty of ice and perhaps a spritzer instead? Cool refreshing shower before bed and  pop a bowl full of ice in front of the fan, if A/C isn’t available to you. Close out the heat, but if you’re getting home to a  baked apartment or house, then open it up, hopefully you’ll be sitting along side the river, sipping a glass of your favourite drink and wont need to worry about that until later?

That’s the practical bit sorted, but what about the head?  I see yoga & meditation are super current right now,  even the inland revenue uses it to send a message of relaxed calm with tax returns, not something I immediately relax about – tax office, but I get their point… I couldn’t resist the image of the little girl mediating, leaving the outside world and our most negative inner thoughts & dialogue just “hanging” suspended in time – and guess what, when you return to those same thoughts, they just don’t look the same!  Urgent feels like, OK tomorrow will do, angry feels like, oh whatever and irritable feels like, what the hell… what’s the catch, you have to learn to do it!

Patting it on the head, ticking the box  isn’t  going to cut the mustard and if you haven’t got a single clue how to, where to, why to, even start, then go to headspace, Andy has got it sorted – seriously,

if you have even flirted with the idea of wanting to change aspects in your life, how you deal with stuff, loose weight, gain weight, fall in love or just kick back and eat marmalade then my only suggestion this weekend would be give it a go, 10 days are free then it’s the cost of a coffee a day and 10 minutes investment each day –

So whether you believe it or not, we have choice over each and every thought, so when we are squashed into the underground,  fighting with the traffic, running for that last flight , the feelings are only generated from thoughts, so think happy ones & chill out

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