Our Video Series – Number 1 – Why Use a Designer?

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Before you dive in and watch the video below I want to welcome you to the video series. Currently there are 5 videos answering some common questions about interiors, designers and how we personally work with our clients.

The videos have been around for some time, gathering views and interest on the April Hamilton YouTube Channel, but with the launch of our new blog we thought this would be a great chance to reach out to our readers and show you the full series.

Below is the first in the series where I’m explaining why you should use a designer. It goes far beyond finding someone to simply ‘do the work’ as there’s so much more to a good designer…..

Of course your first step is ensuring you work with an interior designer that you like, with experience, qualifications, great communication skills and of course the right vision that harmonises with you and your home.

But if you watch the first video in the series you’ll also discover that there’s something a good designer can provide that even the top high street stores, such as Selfridges and Harrods, simply can’t. Of course there are beautiful brands in these high end shops and stores but what they lack is exactly what substantial and prestigious homes require – scale. You’ll learn more about this around the 35 second mark! There’s no quiz but keep your eyes and ears open.

Bringing Science & Art Together

At April Hamilton bringing science together with art is something we are not only trained to do but it’s something that we’re passionate about too.   From spatial changes and remodelling through to lighting and key pieces a designer will ensure that client’s wishes, tastes and dreams are orchestrated with balance and fluency. Without a professional it’s all too easy to feel overwhelmed with the detail and difficulty of a design project.


Our unrivalled professionalism, enthusiasm, attention to detail and design innovation are elements of our design philosophy that all of our past clients have experienced. With so many of our clients returning to enjoy this philosophy time and time again we are confident that you will very quickly see exactly why you should use a designer.

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