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It can be a really daunting experience redesigning your home. What style do you want? How do you want the spaces to work? Where do you start? Quiet often, with the later, it is hard to know where to begin. In the studio, the most used tool for our starting point is Pinterest. Once the client has given us their brief, away we go.

You will have seen me mention it before in previous blogs. It is so simple to use and it is stuffed with fantastic inspiration. Even those who are technically challenged can use it. (I try to persuade myself I am not in that category, but I probably am!) You can get it on your phone, tablet, laptop, any device that can hook up to the internet. It truly is a wonderful way to explore and gather inspiration. Whatever your style is you can find it on Pinterest.

Pinterest calls itself ‘a visual discovery tool that you can use to find ideas for all your projects and interests’ and it is spot on. Though be warned, it is so easy to get side tracked! You can be searching away for your dream kitchen and find yourself drooling over mouth watering recipes or stunning landscapes. For us, this is a designers dream tool, because you can flick from one thing to the next. You can find inspiration in anything; landscape, fashion design, painting; Pinterest has it all in abundance.

So how does Pinterest work? You create a board – it can be any type of board, design, travel, sports, photography, art. You then type into the search bar what you want to add to your board and you will have hundreds of wonderful imagery to flick through. When you see something you like, hit ‘Pin it’ and it is added to your board.

It really is your Pinspiration! Enjoying pinning!

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