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Firstly a huge heart felt congratulations to Malala Yousafzai on her Nobel Peace Prize. It is wonderful so see someone of her age so determined to change the world we live in, and fight for the right for an education. For where would we be, if we did not learn? Truly a brave and inspiring girl.

A few weeks back you may have seen, actress Emma Watson’s speech about gender equality at the UN. It seems the world is finally making noise about this global issue. I have often asked myself, why do we allow ourselves to stick to these stigma’s and stereotypes that we so quickly apply to each other? If you missed her speech, do take the time to listen to it, it is wonderful seeing the young taking these issues on:

Whether it is a small act of kindness or a big powerful speech (cue Emma Watson!) both can change someones day. A few days back I drove into my local supermarket car park, when a woman waved at me to get my attention. Of course the immediate thought is I will be told I can’t park here… On the contrary, she wanted to let me know where the last space was. Small act, but it really helped me out. Like I have mentioned before in previous blogs, we have a choice over each and every thought and act, so whether we are fighting for the last seat on the tube or for equal rights across the globe, let it be a positive thought or act.

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