Rainy day in England

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Rainy day in England

After such a beautiful autumn, or ‘indian summer’ I guess the wash of rain we have been getting over the last few weeks is good for the garden & the ducks? Certainly not for the hair do!

When the weather is being kind, Brighton will usually be on my list of places to go for the weekend. Brighton is a nice change from the fast paced London streets, and I love jumping between the two. I park just outside the town and walk in, which is an absolute pleasure. You get the chance to pass unusual shops and great restaurant. The walk if you wanted takes no more than 30 minutes, but for me, I can take hours! I particularly love the independent shops, finding ones I haven’t been in before. Sometimes I don’t even reach where I was intending to go. I love it, full of seriously interesting creative people, just chilling out minding their own business whilst you go about yours. A lovely stop you might like if you want a laid back breakfast is Flourtown on 63B Holland Road. I tend to stop here a lot, much more than I should admit!

By the looks of things we maybe getting a rainy weekend, but sometimes, being tucked up in a warm coffee shop, watching the world hurry by in their wellington boots huddled under their umbrellas is where you want to be!

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