Ralph Lauren’s Bedrooms

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The village of Chiddingfold, such a quintessentially English place, not far from where I once took a balloon ride as I recall some years ago, drifting over the Sussex countryside was pure bliss on a warm sunny evening, giving me a magnificent view of the county, so years later to be commissioned to restore a 15th century coach house was a wonderful opportunity I couldn’t possibly refuse…
The huge glazed window was a later addition, as that originally formed the archway for the coach and horses to pass through, subsequently making a brilliant & natural courtyard, with the barn housing the kitchen and dining area, the balance & fluidity were simply perfect…

I had the entire house to remodel, it was to reflect it’s history and transition luxurious, unpretentious & country chic was my directive. Although my team and I did this project a few years ago, it’s proved so timeless and elegant that even when I gaze at the images now, I really wouldn’t change a thing. Bennison fabrics sat comfortably along side Andrew Martin chairs, leather edged hand bound silk rugs softened the “man cave” & Porta Romana lamps were liberally positioned throughout the house, but one of my most favourite rooms was the principle guest bedroom – Ralph Lauren being the pinnacle of the design brief. The blue and white lamps, & midnight blue bedding set the scene for the wonderful sailing prints above the bed & I couldn’t resist designing the chair myself with the iconic table to accompany it.

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