Spring is in the air

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Spring is in the air

The weather this spring  has been generally quite kind and makes me start to think  more seriously about the garden design I started last year.. that is the only draw back in design, I’m usually so busy on clients interiors, my own design work tends to be relegated to “next project”.

The cherry blossom  trees seem to be more spectacular this year for some reason? Although of course that may be just my take on it? Blossoms generally are so soft and gentle, just bursting into life with a wonderful reminder of what is to come! A great summer?

Whilst I’m still in the planning stage of the landscaping, I can at least start planting out annuals to give the garden instant colour, texture and visual interest against the back drop of various greens and materials, something we tend to do in interiors, that splash of colour just to lift a scheme and gently scale from similar hues within the design – but gently does it.

I recently had the pleasure of working collaboratively with a talented artist  and we produced this hand painted  blossom on the feature wall of the master bedroom in London  with Swarovski crystals as a little added feature – we loved it !  Using one of my favourite colours from the little green paint company as the base, we moved the colours from the room up onto the branch & blossom, it softened the room beautifully, especially as it was quite a contemporary landscape.

Next on my list for my own project is to decorate the feature wall in the kitchen with trees, sort of mad thing we designers do, but just looking around I see more and more people becoming braver and more adventurous than ever before, so if you’re feeling creative – try these guys



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