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It’s always lovely to catch up with Vanessa Brady, I have had the pleasure of her company on a few occasions and this was the night we she had received news of her OBE, I didn’t realise how incredible she was!  She relayed the story of how she thought someone was playing a joke and didn’t quite believe the letter from the Palace to begin with…

The rest as they say is history -

Charlotte Small represented April Hamilton at the iDOGI awards in Venice where she caught up with Vanessa again (you are everywhere!)  Another fabulous occasion that the team enjoyed and were truly honoured to be included as a finalist in the design award – thank you to all concerned



It makes me proud to be part of such a creative industry and without glamourizing it too much (if you are looking for a Netflix boxset, try Dirty John, I had to smile as to how interior designers are portrayed, I don’t think I have ever entered site, with heels and a blow dry) but it’s part of the appeal and if you are a visual person, it’s worth hunkering down on a wet wintery Sunday and based on a true story – apparently!

This spring edition of Bridge for design has an excellent feature on Vanessa and her views, I touched on the use of colour last week and was pleased to see I’m following in her footsteps (I wish, of course) seriously and that’s not a word used often in design, the significance of colour is huge on the psyche, from healing colours in hospitals to the mood of the nation can reflect what’s happening below the surface.  Accordingly to Dulux their colour of 2019 is going to be spiced honey, a reassuring colour to keep us calm in unsettling times and evoking a feeling of reassurance.  Vanessa also talks about traditional “white goods” and how Smeg have broken the mould and embraced colour, as designers we like to challenge the status quo & so included this lacanche range cooker in our kitchen design in 2016, which worked beautifully… although we may have to rethink for the next kitchen and include a spiced honey range?


If you are thinking about colours in the home but feeling over whelmed or just a little lost, the colour council are a good point of reference for advice and direction.  The team at April Hamilton does tend to favour Little Green Paint co, take a moment to look through our portfolio and you will see we have not only used it as decoration, but on various bespoke pieces of furniture and joinery…



What ever you do, buy tester pots and ensure you are happy first, natural light plays such a huge part in the overall look and feel of your design it may change the hues slightly and simultaneous colour will make or break a scheme, so consult the experts first!  Above all, enjoy the process & thanks for reading….

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