What We’re Designing….

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What We’re Designing….

With summer in mind, especially because we are actually having  one this year, I thought I would share what we are involved with.  Having just completed a beautiful apartment in Cranleigh Gardens, Chelsea we are focusing on a garden design, that has been bubbling along for some time and it’s almost there, with some lovely established pieces, we had to slide an orangery in with re-stocked London brick and I’m hoping we can use a statement piece from David Harber, his work is stunning you might  like to take a look http://www.davidharber.co.uk/sculpture/torus.htm  water features a number one, for most people I’m sure and no matter where we go, water is always a consistent reminder of change, which in a  challenging moment is a good thing to remember, water doesn’t get stuck or hung up, it just continues to travel and move, not getting stuck on the banks of pleasure or pain..

so when you next find yourself sitting by a water feature or better still, a river & life doesn’t feel quite as you’d like it, just be mindful it will undoubtedly change.

Enjoy the sunshine and go with the flow –

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