What We’re Loving About Life….

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When I set this page up, I did wonder what I would love about life, when sometimes, quite frankly it can tough to find something to be grateful for.. but as we age and hopefully learn, our attitude seems to soften and change and a sense of allowance creeps in..

This morning was absolutely amazing, crisp with a definite autumnal feeling about it, but not a single cloud, not even a hint – perfectly pure clear blue skies stretched endlessly across the landscape & it made me think – we always come back for breakfast, so why not take it with us? I poured fresh cold milk into a flask, grabbed fresh soft fruit and home made granola, popped them into boxes and started to make my way across the Surrey countryside and only when I found an idyllic spot with amazing views did I throw out my picnic blanket and pull my breakfast together, it’s was the best café I have ever sat at! They say you rent the table when you buy the coffee, well mother nature gave me the table, chair, sky, sun & views Costa are never going to compete with!  Of course it was always there, I just hadn’t  noticed it before & certainly never allowed it to become my breakfast café So why is that I wonder?  Perhaps it the new organic super food, early nights, more yoga or perhaps the meditation Andy at headspace has been guiding me through ?

Well I haven’t eaten anything different, I went to bed at nearly midnight & I’ve been a doing no more than my normal amount of yoga practise, so I guess that leaves the meditation… don’t take my word for it, try it yourself, I’ve mentioned Andy before and no doubt will again, because if I could share something valuable with anyone it would be this –


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