Why you should use a luxury interior designer

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Why you should use a luxury interior designer

So why would you engage a luxury interior designer?   I once saw a great quote, which really did some up our worth –

If you think it’s expensive to engage a professional, wait until you’ve used an amateur!

Looking at the project  holistically is the only way to tackle it, the house will have a wonderfully organic feel of both balance and fluidity that has been professionally considered, not only for it’s practical use or indeed just to look stunning, but will incorporate your unique lifestyle  & support it in a way only a seasoned designer can achieve

As you stand looking at the project with the architects drawings, just for a moment begin to imagine the thousands of elements that go into making a luxury interior, if we stand together for moment in a bathroom for example, we start by exploring the brief, ensuring it’s appeal to both parties, then look at the elements of tiling, taps, body jets, lighting, mirrors, heating, storage, basins, wc, accessories, showers, glass, window treatment, colours and textures.

And that’s one bathroom, when there are usually another 5 more, with every other room in the house to consider too, the interdependent nature of interior design will soon highlight an element that doesn’t quite work and will leave the scheme lacking –

so back to the question of why use a luxury interior designer?

An experienced & talented designer would have gone through a huge amount of time and effort to find exactly what they are looking for in a supplier or trade, they would have grown together and reached an understanding  that takes not only a time, but a great deal of energy, working on various projects together my trades meet up, shake hands and support one another through the process and what a difference it makes when everyone is on the same team! Some of our guys have worked together for over 20 years, it’s makes a great atmosphere and a sense of achievement when the projects is  in full swing, who says creating luxury & beauty has to be a stressful  business?

It’s been some years since I presented a new web site, so I’m especially proud to have worked with Marcus  at doublarddesign.com  to have created a beautiful new site that showcases what we do best and that’s remodel properties  in a luxurious & elegant yet contemporary way –

I really hope you enjoy the new site…

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