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I was reading an article recently in Women and home magazine,admittedly the September issue, so I may a little premature writing about starting school or going off to university,  but the sentiment is same both of which are tough times for mums and Grannies alike…

Coming home from school we get to still have some say in what they are eating, but what about the 18 year old who struggles to boil an egg?  I discovered another great article in House and Garden about a fantastic cookery school in Berkshire run by Romilla Arber founder of the Food Education trust, which promotes the benefits of home cooking & along with Jamie Oliver will teach disinterested teenager, how much food effects their every day lives.

There are some great ways to eat well, if only we could pursued them! Although looking at   http://www.jamieoliver.com/recipes there some great quick 10 – 15 minutes meals even for the kids  who would give up entering the kitchen if the toaster wasn’t there!   If they  are lucky enough to be at  university in Brighton or London,  they have got the wonderful http://www.foodilic.com/our-restaurant-locations/  on tap too,  just grab the cooked food in boxes and eat !  Brighton  venue is always packed with students, so it does work, I guess it’s the instant appeal of ready cooked food, which I can understand!

And I guess the odd burger or pizza wont kill them ! Although a  friend of mine ‘s daughter went off to university, bought pizza and then proceeded to put it in the micro-wave including the box and set fire to the room, so perhaps that’s not true? Pizza’s clearly are very dangerous indeed!

And what about the little ones going off to school for the first time?  Lunch boxes seem to be securitised these days, so for working busy mums with young families  it must be even more difficult not to be tempted to reach for all those packaged foods, but at what price?  We are shown constantly the impact food has on us, especially when the body is so small, so where do we find help?  These guys had some great ideas on healthy snacks, worth a visit http://skinnyms.com/20-easy-snack-recipes-for-kids/#_a5y_p=1153395 check it out and let me know your thoughts?

OK kids catered for, what about those of us, left behind?  It’s a challenging time, certainly one of change, although it can feel like loss of course, but the decision to make it into a positive move is ultimately ours,  so on that note, I wish our delightful little Henry all the very best in his new school, he has been the most delightful, warm, funny & inspirational little boy I have had the pleasure of spending time with….

off to school in Surrey

Good luck Henry!



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