Clever Ways to Bring the Outside In

Let the light in

There’s no better way to instantly brighten up your day than with the addition of a sunroof or floor-to-ceiling windows to your favourite room. I’ve seen some beautiful home gyms with floor-to-ceiling windows that overlook a vast garden, and bedrooms that similarly benefit from natural light, especially in the morning. Consider installing a sunroof in suitable areas of the home that can benefit from letting the light in. Take a look at Drummonds Bathed in Nature and the beautiful bathroom designed by Alison Henry.

Be Creative with Plants

Plants can instantly liven up the space. Large or small, there’s room for unlimited creativity when decorating with plants. Texture, colour and scale are all elements to consider. Not only do plants add a vibrant element of greenery, it’s also fun to add a pop of color with cut-flowers like tulips, orchids or lilies. This is one of my quick go-to’s for its instant mood boosting effect! Visit your local garden centre or check out some online retailers, like Hortology or Bloom Box Club, for ideas.

Design a Living Green Wall

A living green wall has the potential to instantly revitalise and inject some vitality in the air. Picture a vertical wall housing plants tailored to your size and specifications. It’s a wonderful way to bring the outdoors in. No matter the weather outside, you’ll always have a place to cosy up to and reconnect with nature!

Install a Garden Room

One of the most relaxing ways to stay connected with nature is by working or doing some exercise in your own personal garden room! This enclosed haven can be easily constructed on your property, customised to your specifications and requirements. Want a place to call your own? Or a multi-functional, extended space for the entire family? It’s a wonderful way to add a new dimension to your property. If you’re interested in learning more about garden rooms, including how to instantly add value to your home, check out our blog on all the exciting features of a garden room. Also, take a look at David Salisbury, they do fantastic work and are a pleasure to work with.

Decorate with natural materials

Depending on your preference, decorating with natural materials can span a wide range of flooring, carpets, kitchen countertops or accessories. Imagine walking into a room with natural, wooden flooring, accented with natural-fibre carpets that add an air of comfort and elegance. Complement this with accessories hand-picked from nature like plants or flowers. Unnatural flooring is a great place to start for great designs that remain super practical.

Take advantage of nature’s colours

Paint the walls in natural and elegant shades of green or blue. Opt for shades that are calming and boost the overall mood. It’s important to ensure that the wall paint suits and complements the rest of the room’s decor and design. Browse Pantone for some wall colour inspiration.

Spruce up with natural scents

The fragrant scents of citrus, pine, vanilla extract or spices are unique and clever ways to freshen up your space in a moment’s notice. Whether you light a candle or create your own concoction, have some fun with your own favourite, natural scents.

There’s no limit to the creativity and fun of decorating your space with nature in mind. Whether you choose to do something small like adding plants or going big with a garden room, feel free to contact us with any ideas you might have about building your own natural haven of a home.

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