Creating a Beautiful Utility Room

It’s lovely to think that spring is almost here! As the weather starts warming up, flowers start blooming again and I feel it’s time to start thinking about some spring cleaning. Tidying up the house and getting ready for a new season is a wonderful opportunity to declutter my home and improve overall productivity – especially as I look forward to warmer weather and garden season.

Utility by Langstaff-Ellis

When it comes to decluttering, if you don’t already have a utility room, it’s time to rethink chore time. The utility room is the ultimate storage room that doubles as a functional, practical and heavy-duty room where all appliances can neatly call home. On top of that, it’s a great place to stow away all the items that take up space elsewhere around the house (think coats, pet bowls, litter trays, and boots).

Out of sight, out of mind: I say it’s the perfect room to keep all your appliances: think washing machine, dryer, fridges and freezers, hoovers and ironing boards. Take a look at the appliances at Grohe or Miele for an initial dose of inspiration. The utility room can also feature large functional working space areas for laundry. Consider a hanging laundry area, with a large sink for pre-washing large items or muddy boots. You’ll want to browse through Waterworks for some luxurious taps.

Utility by April Hamilton’s Joinery Team.

Just like any other room in the home, the utility room benefits from careful design inspiration. For one, consider your choice of finishes, perhaps stainless steel or all-white appliances, which add a sleek, timeless element to the room. Whether you choose to go with a dark or light ambience, set the tone of the space before tackling the smaller elements. And depending on the overall finishing, adding glamour to a utility room is easily accomplished by adding pops of metallic accents on the faucets or by thoughtfully incorporating other accessories.

For example, small accessories like baskets for storage, vases or glass containers can tastefully show off mundane items like drying powder or washing tabs. Add some unexpected features like art prints, or flowers to add some life to the space. Luxurious displays of Egyptian cotton hand towels and candles can also bring the cosy element to an otherwise functional room.

Utility by Langstaff-Ellis

Tidiness is a big element in the utility room, so shelving units and baskets also add to functionality. Think about storage space and ways to keep all cleaning products neatly stowed away. After all, this is the room where all the messy, dirty jobs will take place so it’s best to keep all tools on hand! It’s possible to integrate bespoke furniture or shelving units, and this is certainly something we have plenty of experience with at April Hamilton.

It’s tempting to leave this room looking uninspiring and tired. But springtime should inspire us all to rethink how we use this space. Not only is it an excellent place to store all the essentials and do all your chores, but it also adds value to your home. It’s a great way to declutter your space and offers plenty of return on your investment (both tangible and intangible) as it catches the eye and invites prospective buyers to visualise what it’s like living in that particular home. Whether you’re considering a utility room rethink or would like to create a brand new utility room altogether, feel free to contact us for more information and inspiration.

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