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Artwork serves as the pièce de résistance that not only sparks your imagination, but also gives meaning to a space and creates a cohesive design. In this blog, we partnered with Jessica Nightingale-Ellis, Global Sales Manager at Trowbridge, a distinguished supplier of art founded in England by Martin Trowbridge in 1981. According to Jessica, “Artwork really is the finishing touch to any interior. Art on the walls is integral to pulling the design together; without art the whole space seems clinical and unfinished.” And we couldn’t agree more.

Handpicking artwork for a project helps make a place that speaks to our clients’ tastes and passions. Depending on a room’s intended purpose, whether it’s a cinema room or living room, each piece is selected to complement the overall mood. And whether you’re a film enthusiast, fine art connoisseur, or simply enjoy the mood-boosting effect of great artwork, we work to understand our clientele’s values before browsing through the versatile and adaptable Trowbridge artwork selection. Sourcing and selecting artwork that complements our projects is made effortless with dedicated help from Jessica.

Coastal Inspired Property Luxury Interior Design UK

At April Hamilton, we know that each project speaks to a unique personality. Unsurprisingly, Jessica adds that this is reflected in Trowbridge’s artwork, “With such a huge range of hand-made artwork categories to choose from at Trowbridge – from signed limited editions, archival photographs, fine art aquatints and hand embroidered textiles, the best sellers often vary as clients tend to choose a range to ensure they have the perfect piece for every area of their interior.”

Many of our projects are inventively outfitted with artwork sourced from the Trowbridge Gallery. Here are just a few examples of past projects that blend creative, elegant design with unique artwork.

Hollywood Stars at our Stylish Cobham ProjectThe walls of this bespoke cinema room are adorned with the tantalizing presence of classic Hollywood Stars sourced from this Trowbridge selection. For clients who double as avid film enthusiasts, the choice of artwork brings this entertainment room to life. Here, we combined our client’s existing collection with new and adaptable pieces to complete the wall. Outfitted with a bar at the back, this cinema room is ready to entertain guests year-round.

Luxury cinema room with Wolfe inspired Luxe home cinema Cobham Surrey in soft brown designer fabrics and Andrew Martin cushions

Dog Sketches at our London Luxury ProjectIngeniously drawn four-legged friends give this dark, moody room a sense of elegant playfulness. These fine art prints of charcoal sketches by Valerie Davide embrace a “less is more” atmosphere, while maintaining an air of refined simplicity. The contrasting black-and-white scheme not only balances out the stacks of books, but also creates a warm and inviting effect.

High End Bespoke Bookcase Joinery for Luxury TV Room

Dark Car Triptych at our London Luxury ProjectWhen it comes to artwork, compelling subject matter speaks volumes. The Dark Car Triptych was the perfect choice for our car aficionado client. The trio of fine art photographs celebrate the art of classic cars, which more often than not, hold special meaning for our clients. In yet another example of the versatility of the Trowbridge Collection, this triptych embraces modern design and meaningful subject matter that truly ignites the imagination.

home luxury decor for entrance hall

Fossil Shell Triptych for the Guest House at our Palma ProjectCaptured by English photographer, Ben Wood, this contemporary Fossil Shell Triptych complements the coastal, seascape atmosphere of this Palma Guest House.

Cuttlefish at our Chelsea Townhouse ProjectRich in colour and ripe with detail, Cuttlefish I makes itself at home in this Chelsea Family Bathroom.

Paperworks at our Isle of Wight and Palma Project: Demonstrating the versatility and diversity of artwork at Trowbridge, Paperworks by papermaker Gill Wilson adds texture in the form of creative wall art to the landing space at our Isle of Wight and Palma House projects.

Beaded Textiles at our Isle of Wight ProjectThe choice of hand-embroidered framed textiles brings an air of tranquility to this Isle of Wight living room. Designed by Ankasa exclusively for Trowbridge, this striking piece from the collection adds a unique dimension to this coastal home.

Eucalyptus at our Chelsea Townhouse ProjectFor this Chelsea TV Area, we opted for a one-of-a-kind, hand dyed, etched and painted framed textile that celebrates botanicals. Designed by Aviva Stanoff in collaboration with Martin Trowbridge, our clients deeply appreciate decorating their space with exclusive pieces.

Bamboo at our Chelsea Townhouse ProjectThe combination of contemporary gold, bamboo on blue artwork by Charlotte Morgan infuses stunning, timeless opulence in this dining room. Dinner guests are made to feel at home as they drink and dine away under the spectacle of these marvelous one-of-a-kind, made by hand pieces.

For more inspiration, here’s the rest of our Q&A interview with Jessica, Global Sales Manager at Trowbridge:

AH: What is your favourite collections(s) from Trowbridge Gallery?

With over 30,000 pieces to choose from it really is hard to say! I was recently asked which collections I would add to my own home – needless to say I would need an entire island to accommodate my choices! Our resident in-house artist, Charlotte Morgan, never ceases to amaze me with her endless creations of stunning artwork

AH: Out of the artwork April Hamilton has used throughout their projects, which do you love most?

The team at April Hamilton have such great style and each one of their projects has a different wow factor. Their Richmond project is a perfect example of how the diverse range of Trowbridge hand-made artwork offers a unique finish to each area and offers clients a different feel for each space

AH: Who is your most featured artist/photographer? How many new artists/photographers do you add each year? & why is this important?

On our web-site you will notice our resident in-house artists, Charlotte Morgan and Liz Clayton, feature regularly and are incredibly popular. We add at least 50 new creations every month and this is hugely appreciated by our clients as they know they can rely on Trowbridge to offer something bespoke and exclusive that will not be seen elsewhere – you don’t want to be seen in the same dress as someone else and having the same artwork as someone else is exactly the same!

AH: Over the years, what trends or buying habits have stayed the same & what has changed?

The fact that Trowbridge is hand-made in the UK has become increasingly important to clients over the years – not only do more and more people want to buy UK made but also, as we control all aspects of production, we continue to enjoy very short lead-times and can be confident the high quality of artwork you receive is exactly what you would expect from Trowbridge.

To learn more about the Trowbridge Gallery, visit their website and follow them on Instagram @trowbridgeart.

For more design inspiration, follow April Hamilton on Instagram @april_hamilton_designs and get exclusive, behind-the-scenes access to our upcoming projects.

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