Our Design Process

Interior Design Flow

At April Hamilton, we believe in the transformative power of interior design. Our approach centers on the philosophy that each space should reflect the unique vision and aspirations of our clients.

To achieve this, we’ve refined the interior design process into an art, merging creativity, expertise, and client¬†collaboration.

Our Work Process

01. Discovery

Each Project begins with a comprehensive discussion to identify the client’s needs and style. We review inspiration images and talk through the home’s overall space plan.

02. Concept

Our design team creates a room-by-room concept statement that guides the overall design direction of the project.

03. Design Development

We present fully developed design ideas and presentations for approval, alongside upholstery fabrics and soft furnishing intentions.

04. Procurement

Once the designs are finalised and signed off, our in-house procurement team orders your new furnishings, fixtures and accessories.

05. Quality Check and Storage

All FF&E elements will be delivered, quality checked and stored at our warehouse, so the installation can run smoothly and simultaneously.

06. Installation

Depending on the project scale, our design and install team will spend anything between 1-7 days installing all of the carefully curated art, furnishing, and accessories in your home.

07. Completion

It’s time to celebrate! We welcome you to your newly designed home and unveil your new interior… to be enjoyed for years to come.

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