Designing Beautiful London Townhouses

We Discuss Our Top Tips for Refurbing Beautiful London Townhouses, Across Neighbourhoods Including Chelsea, Knightsbridge & Mayfair.

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Homeowners face several barriers with townhouse developments; working alongside the right team to realise your dream family home is key to creating your dream family home.

“One of our favourite types of projects to undertake is refurbishing London Townhouses, immersing ourselves in this cities’ vibrant culture. With the non-stop hustle and bustle outside your home, as soon as you close your front door, we create serene, soulful interiors bringing tranquillity to our client’s lives. Stunning architecture and the luxurious, historic nature of famous property neighbourhoods like Mayfair, Knightsbridge, Belgravia, and South Kensington, make every project a unique and an inspiring experience.”

Our Expert Renovation Advice

Initial Planning & Access Issues 

Instructing an architect who shares your vision, whilst understanding local planning is key to overcoming many early-stage obstacles. 

These can include planning and access issues, including considering listed buildings, building regulations, design restrictions and practical decisions based on the local area including narrow streets and limited parking. Addressing these requires thorough preparation and a clear understanding of local regulations.

Interior Design of House

Creating and Celebrating Character 

Decoration is a very fun part of the process; aiding individuality and expression for the homeowners within character-led homes is highly creative and enjoyable. Conveying your style within townhouses is very transformative, especially with unique and enchanting period features. 

Townhouses can be transformed into contemporary living spaces, with design references to their historical past. Mixing and matching antiques and family heirlooms, with contemporary design pieces creates timeless and effortless style. 

We celebrate using artisan creatives and independent design stores, to create character including hand printed wallpapers, stunning textiles including rugs and carpets, and we utilise bespoke paints colours, personal artefacts, and possessions. 

April Hamilton interior design luxury formal living room

Dual Purpose Rooms

Often to help with small rooms and a lack of space for modern lifestyle needs, interior designers will opt for dual purpose rooms, to help maximise the use of space. For example, a home office within a spare bedroom space, or making the most of a clever nook under the stairs for a home-bar. Considering space-saving furniture items including day beds and banquets, can help with additional multipurpose living areas.

Creating Light

Due to the nature of townhouses, some areas can be darker than clients would like. By injecting light in clever and intuitive ways, homeowners can overcome these problems.

Designing rooms and spaces with skylights, hidden daylight effect lighting sources, mirrors to open and reflect the space and potentially adding terraces, can all be considered for aiding light and overall well being.

Bespoke Furniture Design

Due to the unique architectural features of period properties, there can be a multitude of constraints including, ceiling heights, narrow staircases, and hallways. 

Optimising storage, personalising the style and functionality of a space is always highly desired for luxury clients and is easily achieved through bespoke joinery and furniture design, utilising fine artisan skills and textile materials.

Adding Sub-Basements

Adding sub-basements to London townhouses is often a popular method for clients to help add much needed space, without impacting the exterior appearance of their home. These make for ideal modern amenities including a home-gym, sports room, or home-cinema, and help to add significant value to the property.

Westbury Garden Rooms
Westbury Garden Rooms

Celebrating Outdoor Courtyards

Most townhouses in central London, usually have small courtyard gardens, therefore considered garden furniture, and carefully placed planters, can make the space feel open and inviting. 

If you do have space, extending living areas and the inclusion of Orangeries, as seen in our Chiswick Townhouse renovation, create stunning garden rooms. Again, don’t forget lighting can play a massive part in creating a haven of interest – ideal for creating atmosphere for summer parties and night-time entertaining.

We hope you enjoyed reading!

Rosie & Charlotte

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