Designing the Ultimate Home Gym

It’s 5am. My alarm goes off. I silence the inner voice that compels me to stay in bed as I slip into my cycling shoes, and click into my indoor fitness bike. Like the rest of us, I’ve adapted my workouts to a new reality by opting to do my 30 minute HIIT workout in the comfort of my own home.

With gyms and in-person fitness classes cancelled, the thought of having your own home gym is convenient as it offers privacy with all the added health benefits. If you’re thinking of crafting a high-end home gym from scratch or transforming that spare room into a luxury fitness haven, then you’re not alone. Not only is the home gym an excellent investment in your home, it also provides an opportunity to escape the online world while enhancing your physical and mental wellbeing.

At April Hamilton, we’ve designed elegant home gyms that are as functional as they are beautiful. The key is to take a thoughtful approach in combining various technical and creative elements while working within the confines of the space (to enable the range of movements required). A dedicated workout space can look aesthetically pleasing with bespoke dumbbells and kettlebells, such as the truly distinctive oak and bronze dumbbells from CoreForm or the stunningly exquisite fitness equipment from PENT Fitness.

In the best of times, we’d make our way to yoga or indoor cycling classes in-person. But these days, the ultimate gym experience starts out at home. And I’d argue that no other fitness company has done this as masterfully as Peloton; the sleek, all-black fitness bike that offers live stream fitness classes online. The Peloton set-up is perfect for those of us who thrive in group workouts or need an extra motivational push during a workout! To take the online workout experience to the next level, I recommend installing an audio-visual system, which will bring your virtual workouts to life while adding an extra burst of motivation and energy.

From a layout perspective, it’s important to consider dynamic lighting to create an ambient atmosphere, in addition to hard flooring, to reduce the physical impact and acoustics of the workout. There are many options, as laminated or hardwood flooring can work well in non-weight lifting areas. It’s also important to consider the location of the gym in the home. For instance, floor-to-ceiling windows might work well to enhance the view during your cardio workout. More importantly, air should be constantly circulating to keep the space cool. The considerations are seemingly endless but the possibilities are exciting and inspiring!

With the pandemic still having a massive impact, it’s likely we’ll be at home for longer than anticipated especially in these cold winter months. As we spend more time indoors, daily exercise is essential for overall wellness and especially mental health. Working out can also boost mood and promote sleep. Speaking for myself, working out early in the morning helps me kickstart the day on a positive note. Contact us to start planning your home gym in style.

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