Fireplace Design Ideas For Your Home

Perusing thorugh our portfolio, we thought we would share some fireplace ideas. Whenever we get to the colder months, we all start to think of ideas to stay warm and cosy in our homes.

The fireplace is emblematic of warm, alluring energy that not only draws people together, but also adds character, charm, and serenity to the home. And with the arrival of winter, as more homeowners set out to reimagine their homes, we’ve been busy designing and decorating some striking fireplaces. Recently, a client approached us to transform a small, hole-in-the-wall fire into something slightly more ethereal: a beautiful limestone gas fireplace. With its understated elegance, there’s no debating that a charming fireplace adds character to any room, effortlessly serving as a focal point. The variety of materials in fireplace design not only enables great room for creativity, but also accommodates a wide range of budgets. The final result, however, is a fireplace design that’s priceless.

Homely personal formal living room design with high ceiling and architectural details

With its ability to infuse more than just charm and character into a space, the fireplace is like an open canvas, giving us plenty of room and inspiration to decorate. Dressing up a fireplace is a fun, exciting process that brings the room to life. Whether it’s through the addition of visually compelling art, a gorgeous statement mirror, or live plants to complement the natural element of fire, there’s room for boundless creativity.

Our past designs showcase our ethos for striking fireplace design. From the sea room to the bedroom, we’ve leveraged the uncanny nature of fire to complement a natural state of affairs.

For example, the undeniably stunning combination of fire against a backdrop of crystal-clear water gives this Isle of Wight Sea Room a gravitas that is hard to beat. Our inspiration for this room stems from our affinity for sophisticated, elegant living. The room evokes feelings of a natural, outdoor oasis, reimagined for indoor living.

Seaview room with comfortable seating and fireplace

And elsewhere in the home, the fireplace seamlessly plays the role of bringing people together for a fireside chat. A fireplace in a recent project showcases just that and filled the room with warmth and the lovely wood burning sound.

spacious living room interior with wood fire burning

The bedroom, with its identity firmly enmeshed as a place of warmth and comfort, can also benefit from an inviting fireplace. This London Luxury Bedroom features exquisite, refined detail from floor to ceiling, and the contemporary fireplace is proportionately sized to complement the overall ambiance.

As architectural interior designers, we appreciate that creating a room centered around an astounding fireplace is a process made easier by working with experienced fireplace installation specialists like ChesneysMarble Hill or Real Flame.

warm and glamorous bedroom interior design with fireplace

The list of fireplace styles and designs is vast, depending on your requirements, but certain elements can help render your decision. Whether you’re opting for an indoor or outdoor fireplace, other practical considerations include your choice of fuel or style of fireplace. To help you narrow down your options, we’ve summoned some of the most commonly sought after fireplace solutions below.

Draw energy from a real fire: Open fireplaces offer multi-fuel options, allowing you to burn a mixture of coal and logs. An open fireplace offers a cosy character and charm. Picture the sound of logs crackling, filling the room with both aroma and atmosphere.

Live Sustainably with Gas and Ethanol Fires: The main difference between a gas and ethanol fireplace is the eco-friendly and heat output factor. Ethanol fireplaces are more sustainable than their gas counterparts. While on the other hand, gas fireplaces produce more heat. But both can provide functionality with modern aesthetics.

Garden fireplace coffee table
seating area with fireplace

Create rustic charm with a wood burner: An effective heat source, wood burners add constant radiant heat and character to a room. These burners are also an alternative to a blazing open fire and also benefit from high heat output to keep your home warm during the winter months. As the wood burns away behind cast-iron casting, a wood burner can be left without constant supervision (provided the flue is checked and cleaned regularly).

Countryside comfortable living room interior with warm cosy designs and wood burning fireplace
exposed brickwork fireplace with comfortable cosy living room interior

Become one with nature with an outdoor fireplace: Spruce up an outdoor area with color, texture and other design elements for added luxury and sophistication. A stylish outdoor fireplace is an unbeatable complement to the backyard. Complete with elegant, comfortable seating and dining area, it offers the ultimate winter entertainment experience.

Entertain with a fire pit: Entertaining friends and family year-round is easy with a fire pit. The sound of fire crackling, the smell of roasted marshmallows with a warm drink in hand is true bliss. With plenty of designs and options to choose from, a fire pit might be a good outdoor option to consider.

outdoor garden firepit on hampton style home
logia with open wood fire and seating

Gather around a unique, bespoke fireplace: bespoke fireplace can also be designed to suit your requirements while incorporating any artful design elements. Here at April Hamilton, we work closely with a team of architectural professionals who are equipped to design and engineer innovative fireplace creations.

No matter your choice of fireplace, remember that each fireplace requires regular servicing. Summer is a great time to embark on fireplace safety and cleaning measures so that you’ll be ready to enjoy your fireplace throughout the winter months.

For more design and inspiration, browse through our portfolio & please don’t hesitate to contact us, we’d love to hear from you.

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