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Give me a garden room and I’ll offer up countless different ways to elegantly design one! Inevitably, I’m ecstatic about the idea of creating more space to pursue personal interests and hobbies. Whether it’s for yourself or the children, a growing number of homeowners are installing garden rooms in their homes in response to the ongoing pandemic. And I say, why not? After all, the thought of a space that can be transformed into a personal haven including an office, hobby room or gym space, is creatively thrilling. With many different considerations to choose from, stepping foot into a new area of the home is one way to shake up the daily lockdown routine.

Architectural Drawing for Garden Room Design

You can pull off a relatively quick garden room installation procedure complete with power, insulation, cabling, WiFi capabilities if you have the right team on board. Installing a garden room can maximise space while also serving multiple purposes: it can be a quiet escape from the rest of the home, a place to sunbathe, read, entertain or work in peace. What’s more, it’s a relatively convenient way of adding between 5-15% value to the home. As an investment that pays for itself, I certainly agree that the garden room is a delightful and appealing idea.

Architectural Drawing for Garden Room Design

It’s good to know that there are simple ready-made models which can be customised to suit while on the other hand, bespoke designs are also possible. However, before you get started, there are several key points to consider.

Planning permission is important, as garden rooms typically fall within permitted development rights and do not require planning permission as long as they are utilised for purposes such as a work-from-home space, or entertainment room. Additionally, to fall within with PDR, a garden room must also be a single storey structure and stand less than 8ft 2in. There are also rules dictating precisely how much of your garden the garden room can occupy.

Architectural Drawing for Garden Room Design

On the other hand, if you live in a conservation area or Area of Outstanding Beauty, or seeking to install your garden room within the curtilage of listed property, be sure to check the rules as you may require planning permission.

At April Hamilton, we offer bespoke, custom-designed garden rooms to suit your unique requirements, in line with your vision. As architectural designers with access to a team of multidisciplinary professionals. We have worked closely and collaboratively with Studio-ii Architecture on the featured out-house garden room which is being completed this year & are looking forward to seeing the drawings come to life. We’re also excited about the prospect of helping you realise greater value as a homeowner and not to mention the extra space to take advantage of as we collectively adapt to a new way of living. Why not contact us to discuss your garden room installation? For more design inspiration around the home, feel free to browse our recent projects.

Drawings courtesy of Studio ii Architects.

Looking into installing a garden room into your Richmond property? get in touch with our Richmond luxury interior designers who are more than happy to help with this!

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