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What our client says

"There was a balance between listening to what I liked as a possible design for my home but also some practical solutions and suggestions to enhance the property and space. My teenage children were also having their bedrooms redesigned and this was achieved in with a sensitive balance between their wants and our ideas. All in all a very good design plan for the interior of our home. At the same time we had a loft conversion and April Hamilton designs were certainly able to help us in maximizing the use of space."
Dr. Chris Hemsley

The Project

When one thinks of exquisite and timeless interior designs, the town of Esher inevitably comes to mind. Nestled within its boundaries, one can find a myriad of architectural wonders that showcase the true essence of luxury and refinement. One such project that has gained significant admiration is the house where elegance meets personal sentiment. At the heart of this home’s design was a unique challenge – to seamlessly integrate a cherished collection of watercolours. The client’s only instruction was simple yet profound: to transform the space into a warm, welcoming home. With such an open canvas to work with, the essence of Interior Design in Esher was about to be redefined.

For any interior designer, the opportunity to let their imagination soar without limitations is rare, making this project all the more exceptional. The journey began with understanding the emotions and memories tied to each watercolour. The shades, the strokes, the themes, and the stories they told became the foundational elements of the interior design strategy.

The result? An authentically classic interior that not only paid homage to the timeless art pieces but also complemented them in a manner that’s rare to achieve. Muted tones, plush furnishings, and strategically placed lighting accentuated the beauty of each watercolour, making them the true heroes of the space.
But beyond the visual appeal, what truly sets this project apart is its ability to evoke a feeling of nostalgia and warmth. Every nook and corner tells a tale; every room becomes a sanctuary for memories old and new. It’s no wonder that this piece of Interior Design in Esher stands as a testament to the perfect amalgamation of luxury and sentimentality.

Even today, as trends evolve and styles change, this home remains a beacon of timeless beauty and elegance. For those of us privileged enough to have witnessed its transformation, the sheer brilliance of the design is a reminder of what’s truly possible when passion meets artistry. It underscores the magic that Interior Design in Esher can truly bring to life.

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