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What our client says

"I am delighted with the remodelling that AH undertook, they truly understood the meaning of luxury & beauty without compromising family living & were incredibly easy to work with, both professional and approachable, I would indeed recommend them."
Mr Llowarch

The Project

Our brief was to create a sumptuous country home in the picturesque village of Chiddingfold, nestled in a gorgeous village in the South Downs, Surrey Our clients wanted a home they could enjoy when back in the UK from their main home in Switzerland, and they urged us to make it soft and soulful.

Interior design generally doesn’t include any type of building works, but here at April Hamilton we are also architectural designers. We not only include re-modelling to the fullest extent, but also bathrooms, kitchens and joinery. This is in addition to our full luxury interior design services.

We welcomed the challenge of this particular project, as some parts of the building dated back to the 17th century. We have been fortunate to enough to work on both grade I and II listed buildings in conservation, so we were able to provides our clients with the comfort of knowing that they had an experienced design company in a key specialism. The project needed some remedial works to the building, such as sanding the original floors and resealing to produce the beautiful oak flooring you can see in these photos.

The kitchen needed extra storage, which we bespoke made, along with a revamped bathroom. The rest of the project fell into the luxury interior design category, which is always the more aesthetically rewarding and with more immediate results!

The living room was soft and soulful with crème linens; hand finished interlined curtains, dressed from polished chrome poles and textured embroidered cushions. Polished oak furniture struck just the right note that our clients wished to achieve, and whilst we exposed much of the original oak flooring, some rooms, such as the living room and bedrooms, called for something more sumptuous. We opted for Jacaranda carpets. These are seriously luxurious and a brand we turn to frequently. Accessories play an enormously important role in an interior, providing a cohesive element that binds the scheme together. From a well chosen cushion, to a set of decorative books or cleverly placed objet d’art, accessories are a must!

The decorating was a little challenging due to the light changes and the amount of greenery surrounding the property. This tended to give the colours a green hue. But with careful planning, we were able to mute the colours and blend them seamlessly into the interiors. This gave the space a strong sense of serenity, which we wanted for the fabrics, furniture and soft furnishings to rest against.

All of the designs came together, providing that soft and soulful interior our clients wanted.

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