Pure Chiddingfold Style

What our client says

"I am delighted with the remodelling that AH undertook, they truly understood the meaning of luxury & beauty without compromising family living & were incredibly easy to work with, both professional and approachable, I would indeed recommend them."
Mr Llowarch

The Project

In the picturesque village of Chiddingfold, Surrey, renowned for its breathtaking beauty and timeless charm, lies the canvas for our latest project. Titled “Pure Chiddingfold Style: Interior Design in Chiddingfold, Surrey”, our mission was to transform a historic country home into a luxuriously sumptuous abode that oozes comfort and style.

Our clients, who primarily reside in Switzerland, wanted a haven to return to in the UK. They expressed a desire for an interior that was not only stylish but also soft and soulful, resonating with warmth and a sense of home. This brief presented us with a unique opportunity to craft an environment that melded both modern luxury and a touch of historical authenticity.

The charm of this project was its rich history. Parts of the building had roots tracing back to the 17th century. This was not unfamiliar territory for us. With a history of successfully working on both grade I and II listed buildings, particularly those located in conservation areas, we had a clear edge. Our expertise ensured our clients were in the hands of a team that deeply understands the nuances of interior design in Chiddingfold and respects the heritage of such a building.

One of the major challenges was the kitchen. Our clients needed additional storage, which required a thoughtful design approach. We customized storage solutions that blended seamlessly with the kitchen’s existing aesthetics. Similarly, the bathroom underwent a revamp, turning it into a modern oasis while preserving its original charm.

But the heart of our project lay in the luxury interior design realm. Crafting designs that encompass luxury, while ensuring they have immediate and stunning results, was a delightful journey. We used plush fabrics, bespoke furniture pieces, and artisanal decor to craft an environment that stands out in its opulence while still maintaining that desired soft and soulful essence.

Every element, every texture, and every shade we chose came together harmoniously, culminating in an interior that embodies precisely what our clients envisioned. The result is a Chiddingfold home that, while deeply rooted in its past, is a testament to modern luxury and design.

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