Shere Surrey

What our client says

"I am delighted with the remodelling that AH undertook, they truly understood the meaning of luxury & beauty without compromising family living & were incredibly easy to work with, both professional and approachable, I would indeed recommend them."
Mr Llowarch

The Project

Shere, Surrey, boasts of scenic landscapes and architectural marvels. Complementing its charm, we embarked on a project of transforming a home, drawing inspiration from the minimalistic vibes of Scandinavian and New England styles, showcasing our proficiency in interior design in Shere, Surrey.

When it comes to the colours, we opted for soothing light greys and creams. The Eames-styled bubble chair paired with painted cherry blossoms effortlessly stands out, becoming a hallmark of our designs. Recognizing the need for grounding the airy aesthetics, we chose sisal flooring in a muted bark shade, ensuring harmony with the overall design. The balustrade’s original honey-toned varnish finish underwent a transformation, adopting the subtle elegance of Farrow and Ball’s shirting. This shift accentuated the surrounding hues without overwhelming the space.

Turning to The Little Green Paint Company, we curated a colour palette that gracefully transitioned from French grey to the earthiness of Portland stone. To add an ethereal touch, we illuminated the bed from behind, lending the French muslin an almost ethereal appearance. Ingeniously designed bespoke louvered joinery performed a dual role: it provided hanging space and discreetly concealed the WC and shower facilities, leaving the illuminated Stark bath as the centerpiece.

Always promoting sustainable practices in interior design in Shere, Surrey and beyond, we rejuvenated an existing dressing table with a fresh spray of paint and new handles, ensuring it perfectly aligned with the revamped interiors. By a stroke of fortune, we chanced upon twisted painted lamps in Chelsea’s design quarter, enhancing the uniqueness of our design.

The Romo fabric’s versatility was exemplified as it was used to refresh an existing chair and as a loose cover for the bed. Gratefully, our skilled upholsterers consistently aid in preserving cherished pieces, embodying our commitment to sustainability and timeless elegance.

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