Styled In Abinger

What our client says

"I am delighted with the remodelling that AH undertook, they truly understood the meaning of luxury & beauty without compromising family living & were incredibly easy to work with, both professional and approachable, I would indeed recommend them."
Mr Llowarch

The Project

Horsham, with its rich architectural heritage and verdant landscapes, has always been a playground for design enthusiasts. Our recent project, Styled in Abinger, presented us with an opportunity to dive deep into the intricacies of Interior Design in Horsham.

From the outset, this house struck a chord with its graceful charm. The welcoming gravel drive leading up to the main entrance was reminiscent of old-world grandeur. The meticulously curated topiary gardens, with their geometric precision and lush green hues, stood testament to the homeowner’s love for nature and design. Indeed, the exterior of the house wasn’t just a prelude; it was the muse that whispered the design story we were about to pen.

Choosing to echo the exterior’s elegance, we embarked on a design journey aimed at combining sophistication with serenity. Our primary objective was to weave an interior narrative that complemented and celebrated the house’s exterior. Hence, the idea was to keep the design language simple, yet profound. While simplicity often runs the risk of appearing bare or unfinished, we took it upon ourselves to ensure that our minimalist approach would encapsulate luxury interior design in every corner.

Drawing from the natural hues of the gardens, we opted for a colour palette dominated by earthy tones and soft pastels. These shades not only added a touch of freshness to each room but also amplified the abundance of natural light pouring in. To infuse our signature contemporary laid-back touch, we incorporated modern furniture pieces that contrasted beautifully with the classic architecture of the house. This blend of the old and the new, the classic and the modern, resulted in a harmonious design that felt both luxurious and inviting.

The Styled in Abinger project epitomized the essence of Interior Design in Horsham. By seamlessly integrating the exterior’s inspiration into our design ethos, we crafted an interior space that is not only a visual treat but also a testament to timeless design.

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