Surrey Hills Family Home

What our client says

"We couldn’t recommend all at April Hamilton enough. It really was a pleasure to have Rosie and Charlotte in our family for 8 months. To give free reign to them both with the re-design and implementation for every room in our family home was the best decision we could have made. The end product is far beyond our hopes, expectations and dreams and we could not be more grateful for all of the hard work and the very ‘special touches’ to all detail. Each room is just beautiful. Above all, Rosie and Charlotte listened to our one request which was for our home to be practical but built for our young family and we will always be thankful to them and very happy with our decision to work with April Hamilton. We will hold them in the very highest regard and would recommend at any opportunity, our most sincere thank you Rosie and Charlotte, from the both of us!"
Surrey Hills Family Home

The Project

To capture the essence of our clients’ vision for the Surrey Hills Family Home, our team embarked on a meticulous design journey, emphasizing the fusion of luxury and comfort, both of which were intrinsic to the family’s lifestyle. It was evident that the space should not only resonate with sophistication but also be rooted in functionality and warmth to accommodate a bustling household.

The outdoors, enhanced by the change in colour and strategic lighting, served as the perfect prelude to the indoors. Stepping inside, one is immediately enveloped in a soothing ambiance, thanks to the muted hues sourced from the Little Greene Paint Company. But beyond the colour palette, what truly elevated the interiors was our attention to detail. The fabrics chosen were a blend of durability and opulence, perfect for a home bustling with youthful energy yet craving a touch of decadence.

The living areas were adorned with plush seating arrangements, encouraging family gatherings and heartfelt conversations. Children’s rooms were designed to be both whimsical and functional, providing ample space for both play and rest. The kitchen became the heart of the home, with modern amenities tucked behind classic designs, facilitating both everyday meals and gourmet experiences.

Moreover, understanding the importance of personal spaces in a family setting, the bespoke dressing rooms were crafted with precision, offering ample storage without compromising on aesthetics. The wine storage and bar area became a testament to the clients’ penchant for fine living, effortlessly combining form and function.

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