Wonderful Weybridge

What our client says

"I am delighted with the remodelling that AH undertook, they truly understood the meaning of luxury & beauty without compromising family living & were incredibly easy to work with, both professional and approachable, I would indeed recommend them."
Mr Llowarch

The Project

Our approach to interior design in Weybridge stood out as an epitome of how to seamlessly blend the relaxed comfort of a home with edgy industrial design elements. Every corner of this compact property was a canvas, and our mission was to paint a picture that perfectly embodied the eclectic vision of our client.

To create an environment that immediately felt inviting, we incorporated soft finishes and textures. Hand-finished curtains, blinds, and pelmets became focal points, adding layers of sophistication to each room. At the heart of the living area, flanking a carefully chosen table, sat exquisite French chairs. Positioned strategically near a grand window, this setting became an intimate nook, bathed in natural light, urging residents and guests alike to take a moment, sit down, and lose themselves in literature.

To infuse the industrial flair, we turned to raw and rugged elements. Leather trunks, not only provided storage solutions but also became statement pieces around the house. Industrial lighting fixtures were chosen, casting a warm, ambient glow while resonating with the industrial theme. Together, these elements brought forth the authentic Surrey essence, marrying the rustic countryside vibe with the modern, edgy undertones of Interior Design in Weybridge.

Every project is a journey, and this Weybridge property was no different. We ventured to create a space that not only met the requirements of our clients but also told a unique story – one of warmth, character, and innovation. Another chapter in our ever-evolving book of design success stories.

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