Preparing Your Garden

Our favourite time of the year in England is almost around the corner. And it’s time to get the garden ready for you to enjoy throughout the warmer months! Let’s make the garden a place you’re proud of with some easy design ideas. Whether your garden can accommodate abundantly green and luxuriously lush trees, furniture and lighting – it all starts with planning ahead.

To start, observe your garden and determine which sections get the most light (depending on time of day). This will impact where you plant and sets the overall tone for how your garden will best be used. Also, think about what your garden will be used for. Perhaps gardening, entertaining, swimming, sunbathing or enjoying a cup of tea are several common uses. Get your lawn in good shape before venturing into other aspects of your garden’s overall design.

Garden Seating with Stunning Orangery Garden Room Surrounded by Planting
Woven Baskets for Outdoor Planting

Depending on what you need for the garden, some stylish furniture will provide basic structure. Consider updating the garden with elegant, stylish designer dining tables, hanging chairs or a lounge set (my personal must-have). Dining tables will work best in the area that benefits from the early afternoon sun. Place your smaller seating furniture where you are most likely to catch those evening sun rays. Find some ideas at Cox & Cox, Oxley’s and Bridgman. Remember to invest in a quality set that will last for years to come. And as with the interior of your home, outdoor cushions are of paramount importance for added comfort and luxury!

Don’t forget to add character, ambience and atmosphere with lights. Dining lights can transform your garden and instantly elevate the mood and atmosphere. Browse through Indian Ocean for Ideas.

English Style Garden with Limestone and 6 Seater Outdoor Dining Table
English Garden with Outdoor Dining

Next, consider the plants. Showcase your favourite plants with a range of garden plant pots and planters. Fill them with beautiful seasonal blooms. And use various designs: from hanging plants, to plant stands and herb pots to spruce up the area around the furniture. Plants of varying heights can add scale to the garden. Find the perfect plant pot design at Amara. At this point, if you’re interested in adding more scale, consider planting trees. Depending on the size and structure of your garden, trees can add a striking architectural element to your space.

Paving the garden will also make a powerful design statement. White or grey stone can evoke a French country style while black or silver paving can lead the way to a more sleek scheme. Golden stone in a mixed pattern also lends itself to the characteristic English countryside look and feel. Discover the many options available at Westminster Stone or Minolli.

Pretty Planting Ideas
White and Purple Planting Ideas

There’s plenty more considerations for the garden. For example, if you enjoy the sound of water trickling through the garden, try an elegant stone water fountain. Better yet, why not install a natural swimming pond (head over to Gartenart for more ideas). Adding a living wall is another idea that can fill large areas of a wall and will add seasonal colour, year-round.

If you’re looking for more garden inspiration, read our Garden Room Design blog or feel free to contact us for more information.

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My favourite time of the year in England is almost around the corner. And it’s time to get the garden ready for you to enjoy throughout the warmer months!

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