Preparing Your Home for Guests

Of all the things I’m looking forward to in the post-lockdown era, hosting family and friends at home is on top of my list. Not only do I love hosting, but I also adore the creative planning process that ultimately manifests into a tranquil, elegant guest room experience. There are numerous ways to approach preparing your home for guests. Here are some of my favourite tips.

Create a warm welcome with blissful bed linen: Most guests are happy with a good night’s sleep, but why stop there? When it comes to bed linen, Josephine Home stirs up just the perfect balance between look, feel and performance. They’ve created stunningly pristine bed linen that not only feels luxurious to the touch, but also stands the test of time (whites and colours do not fade, and fabric does not lose its shape). This is a treat your guests will remember long after the visit is over. Restful sleep isn’t complete without luxuriously comfortable pillows, so don’t forget to invest in high-quality down pillows your guests will love.

Luxury bedding
luxury linen bedding

Decorate with elegant cushions: Depending on the overarching mood of your guest room, decorating with cushions is a delightful way to add color, texture or extra comfort to the space. Whether you’re opting for a calm and neutral colour palette, or something more saturated and colourful, cushions are a pleasure to sink into after a long day of activity. Personally, without creating our own bespoke cushions, I’m a big fan of strikingly stylish cushions from Black Edition or Designers Guild.

Infuse a feeling of comfort with cosy throws: When it comes to curating a stylish home-away-from-home for your guests, nothing dials up the cosy factor like the subtle, soft texture of a masterfully-crafted throw. I like to toss in a few other thoughtful details like a nature-inspired scented candle, opulent plants, fresh florals, or a classic novel for added comfort and quiet time.

best interior designers london used for top floor guest bedroom

Keep the guest wardrobe space clutter-free: A serene guest room is one that’s comfortable, chic and clutter-free. Putting my guests at ease is a top priority, which is why I like to give them a place to store away their luggage and belongings with a wardrobe to call their own. Whether I’m hosting an entourage of fashionista friends or close relatives, I think it’s courteous to allow for plenty of storage space. Consider adding a wall or hanging mirror, which can give the illusion of a larger space while giving guests a welcomed opportunity to prepare for the day or a night out.

Luxury carpentry wardrobe design
Luxury carpentry wardrobe design with dressing table

Curate a wonderful bathroom experience: To extend the comfort and elegance of the guest room to the bathroom, I like to serve up a spa-like delight with lavishly plush cotton towels from The White Company. For an instant mood-boosting and uplifting effect, the bathroom is infused with sumptuous diffusers and scented candles from Joe Malone or Ormonde Jayne. As a final touch, spruce up the decor with bathroom accessories from Designer’s Guild. And if you’re preparing your home for guests, consider installing heated bathroom floors for a luxurious, five-star hotel effect.

High End Bathroom Marble Design Interiors

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