The Importance of Entrances and Landings

Spaces like entrances and landings are the unsung heroes around the home. They get maximum traffic, but can easily go underappreciated in the grand scheme of everyday living. In my world of interior design, the entrance, landing and space under the stairs hold as much creative value as the kitchen or living room! No matter how big or small the house, it’s always a good idea to make good use of space. Not only will your home benefit from a dose of personality, but it could also increase in value. Here are some ideas to inspire you.


A little bit of creativity goes a long way in decorating the perfect home entrance. That’s because the first impression is critical! So I like to make it stylish, elegant, lively or a combination of all of the above, depending on your personal taste. Looking at the size of the entrance, some items that can work here include mirrors, a console or storage table, potted plants. Adding artwork is also a wonderful way to showcase your personality and make the entrance feel truly personal, especially with vintage pieces, painting or other art. A table lamp with a warm glow will also add to a welcoming atmosphere. Whatever you happen to pick for this spot needs to fit in with the theme elsewhere in the home.

Curtains in entrance hall using coffee and cream fabrics, new england style entrance hall design
Soulful new england entrance hall with hand painted cherry blossom tree on wall

Stair Landings

They’re meant for more than just getting you from one floor to another, stair landings are prime design spaces! For inspiration, look to add some beautiful wall art. Make a mosaic or have fun with mirrors and lighting. This is a design moment so approach it with care and consider it an extension of your home decor theme.

Space under the stairs

The area under the stairs can pose a creative challenge – but it’s one we love to solve! Thinking of ways to decorate this space can be tricky, but it can also be fun. The results almost always pay off, usually the homeowner benefits from a reading nook, office space, extra storage or even something more unconventional like a sitting area under a wine cellar (and who wouldn’t love that?)

Light and bright entrance hall with staircase runner

Focal Points around the Home

Spaces like entrances, landings and hallways are a perfect place to create a focal point. This is a fundamental element in interior design and it’s usually the first place your eyes land when you walk into a room or space. The focal point is important because it helps create a beautiful flow, while anchoring the rest of the decor.

cosy and inviting spacious entrance hall interior design
Bespoke console table for entrance hall interior

Take advantage of the various spaces around your home and look at them anew with a creative eye and flair for opportunity. Perhaps that area under the stairs can transform into something you’ve always longed for – a wine cellar, personal reading nook or office space. Why not give us a call to discuss your thoughts? With access to a team of architectural professionals, we can help you make good use of space around your home. 

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