Where to start in such an unusual time…

Where to start at a time, when so many of us are worried and concerned about the lives we had enjoyed not 13 days ago, which I will revisit in this blog a little later… On the lighter side of life, many suppliers have sent inspiring information on how to make the most of working from home, like Oka with their helpful home study tips. For some delicious accessories to create a lovely work environment you could take a look at one of my favourite suppliers Hudson Home

And if you are looking for ideas of how to set up in a really stylish and inspiring way, try following us on Pinterest

I guess I can count myself as one of the lucky ones, as I have a garden, access to technology so I’m able to see and speak to my friends and family and enough financial stability to buy food as I need it. Sadly this isn’t the case for a lot of people in the UK and the impact on so many levels has led me to this blog. Each of us are finding ourselves in unfamiliar waters, with little or no framework to our day or week ahead.

A few things I have personally found helpful, just to try and cope with unchartered territory is turning off the news and perhaps catching up only once a day. There seems to be nothing else spoken about and reaching saturation point is pretty challenging, when no other thought seems to hold my attention?

Of course exercising is of paramount importance, but when you hit the floor, it’s not quite so easy to leap into action, so little and often offers a more balanced approach and if you really can’t face it, give yourself a break, everyone is allowed one day off… especially during such unprecedented times!

From this blue skied sunny morning – I’m going to try and start using my diary! It’s looking pretty empty so I have created my framework, with the app Houseparty. There were some rumours circulating, but those have been cleared up luckily- as I find it rather fun. Another great app I like to use is Zoom. Setting specific tasks for each of the days ahead, with an allowance for some spontaneity, after all when else will I be afforded such luxury? So if I can walk in the sunshine then I will and fit the tasks around my time.

I would love to hear from you as to how you are coping? I have also signed up to volunteer, just to chat to people and pass the information on, if they need more specific help. It definitely gives you a different perspective – and brings much needed relief from worrying about my own challenges.

And the good news, there are some wonderful people out there ready to help when it really does get too much through the Anxiety website.

Stay safe and stay home, Rosie

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