Winter Living

Each year, the arrival of these cold months serves as a reminder that another year is on its way out the door. As we plan ahead and look forward to a year of new exciting possibilities, there’s no doubt that some people find winter rather hard. As interior designers, we’re aware that plenty of us may find ourselves spending more time at home and for those of us buckling up to face a British winter, life at home doesn’t have to be dull and grey. In this post, we’ve enlisted some winter living ideas you can incorporate to prepare your home for the winter months.

Making the most of Winter with Luxury interiors

Our prescription for a case of blissful winter living starts with transforming the home interior by tastefully incorporating several important factors, like warm colors, textures and accessories. Especially during the winter months, the role of color as an instant mood booster reigns supreme. Choose colors that have the power to uplift and inspire the overall mood of a space. Here, we combined lively green accents, flowers, and lighting to suit the overall theme. The result: a cheerful and inviting aura despite the winter weather outside.

Sophisticated console table and green armchair seating nook interior

Bold warm tones

Elsewhere in the house, specifically in the living room, take a bold step and decorate with warm tones or add a dash of color. For a more understated effect, bring the fire with candles that complement the artwork. Check out an extensive collection of Neom candles, which are featured in a wide-range of scents and colors to suit the space.

Warm and cosy living room with soft lighting and candles

Create a plush and cosy theme by stocking up on soft furnishings like cushions, throws or bed linens that you can sink into when the mercury drops outside. For a remarkable collection of cushions, throws and everything in between, draw inspiration from the wide-ranging collections available at Andrew Martin or Robert Langford (both of which are currently running a sale promotion). Similarly, consider winter-proofing the bedroom with quality bed linen from John Lewis.

Elegant classical interior with pinks and blues using silk and velvet fabrics

Undoubtedly, the home cinema room offers the ultimate winter living experience. Outfitted with plush Jacaranda carpets, and textured wall covering from Tektura, we opted for an earthy and fiery orange theme for fabrics. Overall, the cinema room offers full comfort while maintaining a low profile. 

Glamorous home cinema room with cocktail bar bespoke joinery

And when loved ones gather around the dining table, warm tones and mood lighting are essential (head over to Porta Romana for distinctive lighting). Here, we opted for bespoke furniture. Naturally, our choice of soft furnished dining chairs promise ultimate comfort while maintaining an aura of elegant sophistication. Once again, candles make a critical cameo.

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